Q: Are you guys for real?

  • Yes... well, at least the last time we checked anyway. Bleep....Blorp!

Q: Why are you guys cheaper than everyone else? What gives?

  • H&S is out of business and therefore cannot provide technical support.
  • Most other sites still use a pricing structure that was set by H&S years ago back when they were active, and just haven't changed their pricing.
  • Our system is automated, so we don't have to pay someone to sit around a phone and manually generate codes.
  • We're just awesome that way.

Q: Once I pay for my code, how long until I receive it?

A: The unlock code procedure is fully automated. Once payment is processed, your unlock code(s) are displayed immediately on the order completed page. A copy also gets e-mailed to you immediately as well - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: How do I find my ROOT CODE (for VIN Unlocks)?:

  • Hit The TOP LEFT button to open the main menu.
  • Scroll down until you see the SHOW SETTINGS sub-menu, and then press the corresponding button to select it.
  • Hold down the BOTTOM LEFT HAND BUTTON until the unit beeps - this may take up to 20 seconds. After it beeps, release the button and it will pull up a 4 digit code at the top of the screen. This is your Root Code.
  • It is recommended to have your tuner plugged into a computer's USB interface during this process. In the unlikely case of a delay in providing an unlock code, it would be required to keep constant power to it to avoid having to disturb the "challenge code" process - as the code changes each time the unlock process is restarted - rendering the purchased unlock code useless. IMPORTANT: AFTER RECEIVING YOUR UNLOCK CODE, BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL TO ENTER IT IN CORRECTLY AS IT IS A ONE-TIME USE CODE.

Q: I didn't receive my code and it's been more than 5 minutes. What do I do?

A: This happens extremely rarely, and most times the cause is because an incorrect e-mail address has been entered, or the e-mail has landed in your junk mail folder. If you still don't see the e-mail more than 10 minutes after you have paid, then please contact us through the live chat window and we will resolve the matter as soon as possible.

A: Now that the unlock codes are generated and displayed immediately after purchase (as of 06/09/2019) rather than e-mail only, this is no longer an issue. However, if for some reason you accidentally closed the page containing your unlock code, then there are two ways that you can retrieve it:

  1. Check your e-mail. A copy has been sent to you containing your unlock code. If it's not in your inbox, then check your spam/junk folder. Or,
  2. If you made your purchase with a registered customer account (highly recommended), then simply go to your Customer Order History page and pull up the order/invoice by pressing the "DETAILS" button - The unlock code will be displayed on the receipt. (Unfortunately, for customers who checked out as a guest, this may not be possible. Contact Customer Support and request a copy of your invoice).

Q: Why do I have to agree to the message saying that there's no refunds? What if I make a mistake in entering the root code or my VIN number?

A: Due to the nature of unlock codes and their digital delivery, once a code has been generated and sent to you, it cannot be refunded because the code cannot be disabled. This is to prevent fraud from the very few customers who have tried to get the code for free by claiming that the code didn't work. In the unlikely event that the code doesn't work, WE CAN STILL HELP YOU.

Contact us within 10-15 minutes of us issuing you the code and we will get the matter straightened out to your satisfaction as much as we possibly can. 

We also do not refund any codes if customers are impatient and buy a code from another company before our support team contacts you. We pride ourselves on our support and response time, so if 10-15 minutes is too long to wait, then please don’t purchase from us.

Q: The VIN unlock code worked, but now I'm having receiving an error message when I try to program my new truck.

A: Sometimes when you use the VIN unlock function to reset the tuner for installation onto another vehicle, you may get an error message when trying to go through the programming procedure about the tuner not being able to find the file for your truck. This means that the tune database on your tuner is older than the software inside the PCM of your truck and it cannot match the two together.

Each firmware/software revision for your truck's PCM has a part number attached to it, and if the tuner cannot match that part number with its own database, it will present that error. This is can be fixed by using the updater application supplied by the manufacturer of your tuner. This software can be found at: Don’t forget to select “Update Firmware” from the tuner’s main menu once the update is done - otherwise the update will not apply to your tuner.

Q: How do I enter the Overdrive transmission software code?

A: To enable the Overdrive software, simply go through another tuning programming process. When you’re setting the options for the tune, there will be a prompt asking you if you want to enter a code to activate the transmission software. Enter the unlock code that you purchased on this page and the menu will be unlocked.

Q: I bought the Overdrive Software, but the doesn't prompt me for a code?

A: This doesn't happen very often, but in the off-chance it does happen to you, there are a few areas to check:

  1. First and foremost - the Cummins Overdrive Software only works on 2006-2012 Dodge Cummins 2500/3500 trucks with the 48RE/68RFE automatic transmission. Dodge Cummins Cab & Chassis (4500/5500) trucks with the Aisin transmission are NOT compatible.
  2. The XRT Pro/Mini Maxx cannot read the data from the TCM (Transmission Control Module) properly. The tuner queries which transmission that the truck is equipped with, and if if the response data is corrupted, or it doesn't recognize the firmware part number given, then it will not present the user with the option for the Overdrive tuning.

Check your SHOW SETTINGS menu and look for "TCM P/N". If it shows a series of white squares (instead of a part number or serial number), then your data is corrupted and you should update your tuner to refresh the data files.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us through the LIVE CHAT window, or by e-mail via our CONTACT US page.