High Sulfur Tuning Unlock Code - Street To Race H&S Mini Maxx

If your truck has a modified emissions system and your Mini Maxx STREET Tuner requires an unlock code to enable the HIGH SULFUR programming, then this is the code that you are looking for.
Availability: In stock
Manufacturer part number: HIGHSULFUR
Manufacturer: H&S Performance


* (REQ'D)

Enter the last 5 digits of your tuner's serial number. The serial number can be found on the SHOW SETTINGS screen on the main menu of your tuner.


High Sulfur & Tuner Overview

HIGH SULFUR tuning enables the ability to generate a tune with programming that supports modified emissions systems on applicable vehicles with DPF/DEF systems (2007.5+ Dodge 6.7L Cummins, 2008+ Ford 6.4/6.7L Powerstroke, and 2007.5+ GM Duramax LMM/LML).

H&S released two versions of their Mini Maxx and XRT Pro series tuners - STREET and RACE.

STREET and RACE tuners are almost exactly identical in every way - except for HIGH SULFUR tuning.

  • In STREET tuners, this option is available, but an unlock code must be entered to enable this feature, which in turn enables you (the user) to generate tuning that supports modified emissions configurations in your truck.
  • In RACE tuners, this feature is permanently enabled and no unlock code is required.

Note: Only serial numbers starting with 0060 and 0070 are supported at this time, software release 1.02.2 and earlier.

Important: H&S removed the ability to convert Street Version tuners to Race version tuners starting in software release 1.02.3. Please contact support for a refund if this code does not work for you. 

How Do I Get The Tuner Serial Number?

The unlock code is generated using the last 5 digits of your Mini Maxx or XRT Pro's tuner serial number. This information is located on the SHOW SETTINGS screen on your tuner.

  • Power up your Mini Maxx / XRT Pro.
  • Click the (Main) Menu button
  • Scroll Down until you see "SHOW SETTINGS", then press that button.
  • The tuner serial number is located near the top of the screen and should look like "S/N#: 55500756789".
  • The last 5 digits is what you need to enter in the order form (56789).
  • If you do NOT see a serial number, or the serial number reads "N/A", then you have a RACE tuner and shouldn't need this code. Why are you here?
  • Once you have received the unlock code, you can enter it into the tuner. Go to the MAIN MENU of the tuner and choose USER OPTIONS. The option for emissions selection should be there.

NOTE: Once you receive the unlock code, make sure that you keep a record of it somewhere - if you change vehicles then that option will be reset and disabled, but the unlock code NEVER CHANGES because it's tied to the tuner's serial number - NOT the truck.

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